Understanding Dutch

Learn Dutch in a breeze! Articles and guides covering Dutch grammar, vocabulary, and essential everyday phrases, as well as a wide variety of resources and tools to help you learn Dutch quickly and effectively.

Dutch is one of the closest languages to English — making it one of the easiest to learn! Dutch is spoken by over 30 million people across the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, CuraƧao and elsewhere, and boasts a vibrant community of online learners. Welkom!

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Essential Phrases

Planning a trip to the Netherlands or just want to learn some simple, essential Dutch phrases? Learn greetings and goodbyes, how to order food or ask for directions, and the most Dutch thing of all — discussing the weather!

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Learn important Dutch vocabulary, covering a diverse range of topics from health, shopping and food, to computer parts and animals.

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Get to grips with the foundations of Dutch grammar. Learn the difference between het and de, why some adjectives get that -e ending, and why Dutch grammar isn't so scary after all!

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